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Every Yacht Needs a Name

And this fine boat got a name and a logo as well!
My client who lives in Dallas, referred WileyDesign to his friend who had just purchased a yacht and needed help in creating a the boat's name and logo. Because of his Swedish heritage he wanted a viking theme. They decided on the name — it would be called Norseman. The logo? He and his wife had an idea of what they wanted — a crest, perhaps with laurel leaves and images that represented their Florida cruising adventures, and at the last minute they wanted to add an "H" to represent their last name. The photos show the final result. They loved the gold and navy color scheme, but also liked the logo in blue and green. So they asked me to provide them with both versions. If this was a corporate identity or a new product launch I would highly recommend using only one color scheme because consistency is the foundation for great brand recognition.  (see previous blog story). They now have embroidered hats, napkins, a flag, and there was talk about imprinting cocktail glasses and maybe making a chrome relief of the logo for placement on the back railing of the boat. We have some happy boaters.  Now I just need to catch a ride. :)  

Consistency Infers Trustworthiness

Logo Design — Before and After
Energy Feeds International is a leading provider of feed supplements to the dairy industry. A branding reconfiguration led them to change the name and logo for several of their key products. The design goal was to keep their existing color palette for each product, but create a "product family" to reinforce the high recognition factor of the Magna name. Here are the logos, before and after the design update.   Updating the packaging with the new logo was simple because the color scheme remained the same. Did you know...research shows visual consistency is the #1 element that instills trust with your customers? This also rings true for customer service and quality control.
MagnaBlend feed bag with new logo
Website Design Success
Energy Feeds International's website designed by WileyDesign and Six Degrees Studio several years ago is still performing very nicely for them. Check it out here  

My Logo Closet #3

Revealing more images from my logo closet—drawer #3.
Telling the client's story through images... These logo concepts were shelved in exchange for another more delineative concept, but I thought they were worth showing. Contact WileyDesign if you are interested in a logo design for your company.      
For a mattress store
Sleep Naturally. Wake Up Refreshed.
Science and Nutrition—Naturally
Good communication is the foundation for success

These logo concepts are the property of WileyDesign. Modifications of the concepts are available for purchase.

My Logo Closet #2

Revealing more images from my logo closet—drawer #2.
Constant noodling to get it right for the client... these concepts have been left behind for another more suitable logo. Contact WileyDesign if you are interested in a logo design for your company.  
Women reaching their leadership potential
Collaboration, alignment, networking
Top of the Line
Above amazing, greatness
Unleashing Greatness

These logo concepts are the property of WileyDesign. Modifications of the concepts are available for purchase.

Apocalyptic Underground of WWI

WileyDesign creates logo for doctor, artist and explorer: Jeff Gusky
Photography exhibit now on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum
Hidden in France’s forests, mountains and underground lies a vast apocalyptic landscape… a Pompeii of modern mass destruction that enables us to see and to feel the origins of modern terror.  WWI was a disaster of incomprehensible, inhuman scale. According to Jeff Gusky, without human scale we lose awareness of ourselves, our place in the world and the value of human life. The task of our time is to recover our humanness by rediscovering the urgency of human scale.
Watch ABC News video interview
Dallas emergency physician, artist and explorer, Jeff Gusky, was the first person to be allowed to photograph the underground artifacts. The area was not widely known about, and sits on private property. His fine art photos are now on display at the Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian and were also featured along with an article in National Geographic Magazine. Jeff’s mission as an explorer and artist is identical to his mission as an emergency physician: to help people in crisis find hope and the courage to face imminent danger…and then chart a path through that danger to safety. He strives to inspire belief in the future by encouraging people to ask questions about modern life we’ve forgotten how to ask, and by teaching people to see how the scale of modern life and technology undermine conscience and numb the self-protective instincts so critical to staying safe in a time of terror. He encourages people to rediscover their moral compass in modern life by getting comfortable again with just being human and embracing imperfection that is human nature itself. Jeff  is on a citizen’s journey to discover hope and resolve in the face of modern dehumanization. WileyDesign just completed Jeff's logo (shown at top) and is working on the business collateral for his speaking and film engagements.