Consistency Infers Trustworthiness

Perception is important. Research shows that consistent branded visuals can substantially increase your visibility and trustworthiness.

Logo Design — Before and After

Energy Feeds International is a leading provider of feed supplements to the dairy industry. An inhouse branding strategy led them to change the NAME and VISUAL LOGO for several of their key products.

The design goal was CONSISTENCY and to keep their existing color palette for each product, but create a “product family” to reinforce the high recognition factor of the Magna name. Here are the logos, before and after the design update.


Updating the packaging with the new logo was simple because the color scheme remained the same. Did you know…research shows visual consistency is the #1 element that instills trust with your customers? This also rings true for customer service and quality control.

MagnaBlend feed bag with new logo

Website Design Success

Energy Feeds International’s website designed by WileyDesign and Six Degrees Studio several years ago is still performing very nicely for them. Check it out here


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