Apocalyptic Underground of WWI

WileyDesign creates logo for doctor, artist and explorer: Jeff Gusky Photography exhibit now on display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Hidden in France’s forests, mountains and underground lies a vast apocalyptic landscape… a Pompeii of modern mass destruction that enables us to see and to feel the origins of modern terror.  WWI was

My Logo Closet #1

Dear Logo Concepts: It’s time to come out of the closet. I’ve been ignoring you over the past decade! It might be nervy to expose you since, well… you have been forgotten for years, but I still love you. I know, it’s true, another more suitable concept was developed for the client and you were

Recent logo designs

This selection of trademarked logos were created by WileyDesign during the last half of 2016 and in 2017. These clients are all speakers and authors, each with unique expertise and an amazing knowledge of their craft.

The Quintessential Spell Check

Have you noticed what spell check does with those non words….(like website addresses and email addresses)?   It can be quite fun to pay attention to them. For cwileydesign I get quintessential, quantization…. and a few other q-words.  Why Q words, I wonder? must be the cw combo.  No matter, I happen to LOVE that cwileydesign

Logos: they have deep roots in history

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” they say. The desire to create a brand, a pictorial icon to represent you or your team, your mission or your endeavor, has deep roots in history. For centuries, crests, monograms and the use of symbols have been utilized to reflect individual people, families and their organizations, beliefs

The Amazing Etruscans

Cortona is a Tuscan village in Italy where my fellow workshop participants and I spent 4 days painting (May 2016), exploring the ancient history, and feasting on the food, the wine… It was incredibly enjoyable, as was the charm of the narrow cobblestone streets and clay tiled roofs.   The drive up to the town